Welcome to our acrobalance world!

The Flying Eagles Acrobalance Troupe has changed its name.  We are now know as FEAT Acrobatics.  We also have a new web site.  We now can be found at www.featacrobatics.com. This web site will no longer be maintained.

We are still the same group, but we have learned so much since we started.  Large group acrobalance is hard to find and it’s what we specialize in!  We also to acrobatic stilting and regular stilting which is done with drywall stilts.  We have skills in acro hooping and have added some silks, trapeze, lyra, and cube to the list of things we do. 

So, with all these new skills, we’re acrobatic, not just acrobalance...

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Site last updated 11/12/2015

Click Here to go to our new website!http://www.featacrobatics.com